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Paradise Landscapeing since 1979

Paradise Landscaping Inc. is a Commercial Landscaping and Lawn Maintenance Company.  We have been serving the Greater Metropolitan Atlanta Area since 1979. With years of quality sevice we are committed to customer care, excellence and dependability.  Each and every project we have is viewed as unique and important to us.  Why?  Because we know there is no one size that fits all and we know its important to our customers.  We pride ourselves in quality in both the simple and or exotic landscape design. We want to provide our customers with a landscaping design that that they can be proud of and exceeds their expectations.  


Landscaping that Attracts

No matter what type of property you own its landscaping is always a reflection of the owner.  What does your landscape say about you?  They say that first impressions are the most important.  Have you ever looked over at a business and was hesitant about visiting because of poor maintenance or upkeep?  Let us make sure that your property reflects the quality service that we know your company provides.  Call us today to see what Paradise Landscaping can do for you. (770) 474-6621